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Driven by Escea Fireplace Company and their purpose to put a better fire at the heart of every home, Fire for Life is a not-for-profit project that aims to solve the problem of open fire cooking in the developing world.


Open fire cooking in developing
countries is a major issue – from the time and resources it takes to build an open fire, to the scarce and expensive wood required to burn; the fires can’t easily be moved around, and they’re often unsafe in difficult conditions.


Escea Founder and CEO Nigel Bamford set out to solve these issues, in the way Escea knows best – by making better fires. So we designed the Fire for Life Cooking Stove - a safer, more efficient, and more practical solution to the open fire cooking.


To get the stoves into these hard-to-reach communities, we teamed up with our friends at humanitarian organisation ReliefAid. The stoves have already made a huge difference to families like these, so we’re making more – and you can help too.

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